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Managing and Optimizing VMware vSphere Deployments


In our experience as consultants, VMware vSphere is the most robust virtualization

solution on the market. The technology is proven and the user base is large.

Although the benefits of virtualization using vSphere are many, proper planning is required to gain these benefits from a vSphere infrastructure. This book is a guide to planning, designing, implementing, operating, and managing a robust vSphere infrastructure. The best practices and advice given in this book come from our own extensive field experience as datacenter architects and implementation engineers.

We wrote this book after noticing a need for the above mentioned areas. Many VMware books tell you how to set up and configure vSphere, but few talk about specific and real use cases. This book provides an in-depth discussion of business drivers and decisions around virtualization, an area that is not often covered.


Managing and Optimizing VMware vSphere® Deployments


The Complete Guide to Planning, Deploying, and Operating  High-Performance VMware vSphere 5 Virtual Infrastructure


To make the most of VMware’s vSphere 5, IT professionals need knowledge, tips, and insights they’ll  never find in the manuals–or in any book, until now! In Managing and Optimizing VMware vSphere Deployments, two world-class VMware experts offer start-to-finish lessons for vSphere planning, implementation, operation, management, and troubleshooting: expert insights drawn from their unsurpassed  "in-the-trenches" consulting experience.


Writing for experienced VMware professionals, the authors focus on high-value techniques optimized for the new vSphere 5, helping you establish frameworks that support your virtual infrastructure’s evolution for years to come. They present scenarios and examples drawn from real-world data, helping you address crucial issues ranging from sizing and performance to redundancy. The book concludes with a full  case study that walks you through a design from inception through implementation and explores the reasons for each key decision.


Coverage includes

     •    Building a strong foundation for virtual infrastructure: design considerations and  best practices

     •    Smoothly integrating vSphere 5 into current environments and considerations

     •    Establishing a more stable infrastructure

     •    Choosing hardware and making optimal configuration decisions

     •    Transforming your VMware design from  blueprint to completion

     •    Operating vSphere solutions more efficiently  on a day-to-day basis    

     •    Automating tasks and maximizing availability

     •    Streamlining the installation of updates, patches, and upgrades

     •    Forecasting and planning capacity on an ongoing basis to support growth

     •    Overcoming roadblocks on the journey to  100% virtualization

     •    Monitoring vSphere 5 with tools provided by VMware and its community

     •    Discovering the most valuable and current online VMware resources

     •    Examples using Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) are provided throughout the book


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