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Mastering AutoCAD 2000

Mastering AutoCAD 2000, 9780782125016 (0782125018), Sybex, 1999
Mastering AutoCAD 2000 is an ideal companion for any engineer who uses the popular CAD program from Autodesk. Its 1,600-plus pages are filled with screen shots, illustrations, notes, and tips that will help new users master the learning curve of AutoCAD. It will also open up the new features of the latest AutoCAD release to users of previous versions.

Beginning with introductory material on AutoCAD, the first section of the book focuses on learning the program and familiarizing the user with the philosophy, tools, and interface. Later, the book turns to tutorials and tips for becoming technically proficient, and the book closes with sections on modeling and imaging in 3-D.

A hardcover with fine quality paper and superior binding, this massive tome will lie flat, making it a pleasure to use while working with the program. You'll never need one hand to hold the book while working through the examples.

Some of the best features of this invaluable reference can be found on the accompanying CD-ROM. Besides the usual add-on utilities, sample files, and evaluation software, readers will find two entire books in searchable, Acrobat PDF format: AutoCAD 2000 Instant Reference and ABCs of AutoLISP. If you are a serious AutoCAD user, having volumes like this--indexed and searchable--at your fingertips is worth the cost of the book alone. --Mike Caputo

Mastering AutoCAD 2000, the fully revised edition of Omura's all-time best-seller, is your one-stop authority on the latest release of AutoCAD. If you're new to this powerful design tool, this book gets you started using AutoCAD right away with a tutorial approach that provides step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish everyday tasks. If you're an experienced user, this book offers in-depth explanations of AutoCAD's most advanced features, including multi-drawing interactivity, database access and using VBA to increase efficiency. No matter what your experience level, this is an indispensable resource that you'll keep on your desk and refer to again and again.

Become a Master
* Find your way around the AutoCAD interface
* Create and developing an AutoCAD drawing
* Manage your drawing projects
* Ensure that your drawings print properly
* Improve your efficiency with AutoCAD
* Align points with existing elements
* Preview your drawings using WYSIWYG plotting
* Capitalize on hidden or hard-to-find features
* Work with multiple documents
* Master the 3D modeling and rendering process
* Use VBA and other techniques to customize AutoCAD
* Collaborate with others on large-scale AutoCAD projects
* Take advantage of AutoCAD's Internet features
* Combine tools to accomplish complex tasks

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