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Mastering C# Database Programming

Mastering C# Database Programming, 9780782141832 (0782141838), Sybex, 2003
Enter a New World of Database Programming

C# and ADO.NET facilitate the development of a new generation of database applications, including remote applications that run on the Web. Mastering C# Database Programming is the resource you need to thrive in this new world. Assuming no prior experience with database programming, this book teaches you every aspect of the craft, from GUI design to server development to middle-tier implementation. If you’re familiar with earlier versions of ADO, you’ll master the many new features of ADO.NET all the more quickly. You'll also learn the importance of XML within the new .NET paradigm. Coverage includes:
  • Accessing a database using C# and ADO.NET
  • Using SQL to access a database
  • Using Visual Studio .NET to build applications
  • Creating and modifying database tables
  • Understanding ADO.NET classes
  • Designing, building, and deploying Web applications that access a database
  • Designing, building, and deploying effective Web services
  • Using SQL Server’s built-in XML capabilities
  • Working with a database in a disconnected manner
  • Using advanced transaction controls
  • Using Transact-SQL to create stored procedures and functions in a SQL Server database
About the Author

Jason Price has more than 10 years' experience in the software industry. He is an MCSE, OCP, and has extensive experience with C#, .NET, and Java. He is the author of Sybex's Mastering Visual C# .NET and two Oracle books for other publishers. All his books have received 5-star reviews on Amazon.
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