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Mastering InDesign CS3 for Print Design and Production


Take Control of Your Designs and Production Workflow Using InDesign

Adobe's InDesign gives you more creative freedom than you've ever experienced in the world of professional layout and design. The problem is that learning how to work with this powerful software can be a difficult and frustrating process.

This comprehensive book goes beyond the basics, clearly showing you how to effectively use InDesign to meet your printing and prepress needs. It guides you through the new features and functionality of InDesign CS3 and helps you develop sophisticated solutions. With a solid focus on improving your efficiency and creative freedom, this book provides the expert guidance you need to master collaboration within workgroups; work efficiently with text, objects, and variable text; perfect your printed output; harness the power of InDesign transparency and effects tools, and much more.

Along with invaluable hands-on lessons and a healthy dose of advice from his 20 years in graphic arts, publishing, and print production, author Pariah S. Burke also provides you with numerous examples and case studies that will help you apply the skills you've learned to real-world situations.

Coverage includes:

  • Setting up press-ready pages and spreads with bleed, slug, and live areas
  • Placing and fitting images rapidly and accurately

  • Working with attribute-level transparency and new Photoshop-like effects for eye-popping results

  • Utilizing layers, guides, grids, templates, and libraries to speed the design process

  • Ensuring that image color settings and proof colors match

  • Maximizing productivity through reusable settings and assets

  • Collaborating with editorial through InCopy assignments

  • Collaborating with design peers through the Placed Pages Workflow

  • Utilizing dynamic text and variables

  • Handling common drawing tasks without Illustrator® or Photoshop®

  • Trying out new design techniques using sample files from the companion Web site, www.sybex.com/go/MasteringInDesign

Learn How to Achieve Outstanding Design Results with InDesign CS3

Download Sample Files from Companion Web Site to Put Your Skills into Practice

Enhance Your Designs with Tables, Images, Objects, and More

Gain the Skills to Better Manage Color Creativity and Output

Find Answers to Your Complex Printing Challenges

About the Author

Pariah S. Burke is a creative and publishing workflow consultant, trainer, publisher, writer, speaker, and freelance graphic designer. He is the former InDesign and InCopy Technical Lead to Adobe's technical support team. Burke is also the author of Adobe Illustrator CS2 @Work: Projects You Can Use On the Job and more than 250 articles covering the business of design and the tools of the trade. His Web sites, QuarkVSInDesign.com and Designorati.com, are highly acclaimed in the industry.

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