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Mastering  Microsoft Project 2002

Mastering Microsoft Project 2002, 9780782141474 (0782141471), Sybex, 2003

Don’t fear its complexity. Microsoft Project 2002 is more adaptable than ever. Mastering Microsoft Project 2002 shows you how to make Project really work for you, whether you’re managing a sprawling, enterprise-wide project or something much smaller. Learn basic tasks and quickly move on to more advanced features, choosing the path that will make you and your organization efficient and successful.

Coverage Includes:

  • Understanding the project management process
  • Creating a new project
  • Entering project tasks
  • Scheduling and linking project tasks
  • Defining project resources and costs
  • Assigning and scheduling resources and costs
  • Communicating project information with other team members
  • Tracking project process
  • Assessing and managing risks
  • Sharing resources and tasks among multiple projects
  • Analyzing data using views and reports
  • Importing and exporting project data
  • Installing and administering Project Server
  • Using Project Professional and Project Server for enterprise-wide projects
  • Using Web Access for group projects
  • Creating Project macros
  • Customizing fields and forms
  • Automating Project with VBA
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