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Mastering Redmine

Mastering Redmine, 9781849519144 (1849519145), Packt Publishing, 2013

Redmine is an open source gem for project management, and this book shows you how to exploit its features to the max. Written as a practical tutorial, it's also the perfect reference guide to have by your side.


  • Use Redmine in the most effective manner and learn to master it.
  • Become an expert in the look and feel with behavior and workflow customization.
  • Utilize the natural flow of chapters, from initial and simple topics to advanced ones.

In Detail

Redmine is well-known as one of the best open source project management applications. But, it's also one of the best project hosting and issue tracking solutions. In addition it incorporates Wiki, repository management, forums, time tracking, and more. This book reveals the power of Redmine and manifests its exceptional flexibility and customizability.

Mastering Redmine is a comprehensive guide which covers a wide variety of topics: from configuration to writing simple plugins, from issue reporting to managing issue lifecycles, from writing simple Wiki pages to designing rich web content using the Wiki syntax, from quick installation to deep customization, and more.

This book resembles a learning tutorial. It imitates the self-learning process so that you first understand the basics before we dig deeper into the advanced concepts.

You will first read about possible setups. Then, you will choose an appropriate setup to install and configure. The book runs through the main features of Redmine and shows how it can be effectively used as project management, issue and time tracking solution. Once you are familiar with all the essential features of Redmine, you will start exploring advanced concepts such as integration with other applications, customizing Redmine, and using various Redmine plugins.

This book will help you master Redmine by unleashing it's core functionality.

What you will learn from this book

  • Get a comprehensive look on installing and configuring Redmine.
  • Configure the advanced features of Redmine such as email integration and repository integration.
  • Customize Redmine without breaking its upgrade capability.
  • Configure Redmine for your Agile processes.
  • Use Redmine for issue tracking, project hosting, project management, and time tracking.
  • Find and choose plugins, and get familiar with some of the most useful Redmine plugins.


Packed with expert advice, working examples, and tips, this book is an essential reference guide that you will turn to again and again as you work with Redmine.

Who this book is written for

This book will be especially useful for project managers but it's also intended for any other Redmine users, including developers, and any other industry besides software development.

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