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Mastering SQLServer 2000

Mastering SQLServer 2000, 9780782126273 (0782126278), Sybex, 2000
Complete. Authoritative. Practical. The only SQL Server book you need. Mastering SQL Server 2000 is the one indispensable resource for anyone working with the latest version of SQL Server. Whether you build or administer SQL Server databases or write applications that communicate with them, you'll find the background knowledge and the practical instruction you need to accomplish any task, from the most basic to the most advanced. Coverage includes:
  • Understanding SQL Server architecture
  • Designing an efficient normalized database
  • Writing Transact-SQL statements and batches
  • Creating databases
  • Creating tables and views
  • Creating stored procedures and triggers
  • Administering SQL Server
  • Managing SQL Server security
  • Designing applications using ADO, SQL-DMO, and SQL-NS
  • Using Data Transformation Services
  • Integrating SQL Server with the Internet
  • Optimizing SQL Server performance
  • Understanding and managing replication
  • Using Analysis Services to analyze data
  • Using Microsoft English Query
  • Troubleshooting common problems
About the Author

Mike Gunderloy
, an MCSE, MCSD, and MCT, is a senior consultant with MCW Technologies, where he specializes in Microsoft Visual Basic and SQL Server. He is the author of SQL Server 7 In Record Time,Visual Basic Developer's Guide to ADO, and VB/VBA Developer's Guide to the Windows Installer, all from Sybex. Mike lives on a farm in rural Washington state with his family and an ever-growing population of livestock.

Joseph L. Jorden is an MCSE, MCT, CCNA, and CCDA who has been administering databases for the last seven years. Currently Joseph works independently, consulting and instructing on a variety of technologies.

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