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Mastering System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2

Mastering System Center Configuration Manager 2007 provides intermediate and advanced coverage of all aspects of the product, including planning and installation, upgrading Systems Management Server 2003, deploying software and operating systems, security, monitoring and troubleshooting, and automating and customizing SCCM 2007 with scripts.

The authors take a hands-on approach by providing many real-world scenarios to show readers how to use the tool in various contexts. This anchors the conceptual explanations in practical application. This book's web site will contain a collection of ready-to-use scripts with directions for implementing them in network systems.

Centralize Management of Your IT Infrastructure with SCCM 2007 R2

Deploy software, roll out patches and updates, and track every version of hardware, software, processes, or procedures within your IT infrastructure or enterprise network with the powerful Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2 (SCCM) and the step-by-step instruction in this comprehensive guide.

If you're a systems administrator or IT manager handling a complex Windows Server network, this book is a must. It details all aspects of SCCM 2007 R2, including planning and installation, upgrading, handling security, automating and customizing with scripts, troubleshooting, and much more. Real-world scenarios show you how to apply what you're learning in a variety of contexts—and you'll find pages of useful techniques and tactics to help you master this important, complex tool.

Coverage includes:

  • Understanding systems and operations management
  • Planning a configuration manager infrastructure

  • Reviewing interoperability with Systems Manager Server 2003

  • Distributing, deploying, and updating software

  • Managing mobile devices and setting up network access protection

  • Monitoring inventory, software metering, and reporting

  • Troubleshooting utilities and preparing for disaster recovery

Centrally Manage Large Groups of Computer Systems

Control the Configuration of Both Software and Hardware

Streamline Administrative Tasks with Remote Tools

Upgrade from Systems Management Server 2003

Learn in the Context of Real-World Scenarios and Tasks

About the Author

Chris Mosby started his career with SMS when he was a temporary employee with a subcontractor of the Department of Energy on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Chris, who had never even heard of SMS, was told ‘‘Here is the software and a server;make it work.’’ After a fewmonths of testing, his first SMS site went online in August of 1999, and he has been working with SMS and Configuration Manager ever since.
Chris is an active member of the 200,000-member myITforum (www.myitforum.com/), the premier site for the SMS and Configuration Manager community, since day one. He has written a handful of articles (www.myitforum.com/contrib/default.asp?cid=271) and posts several times a day to his myITforum blog about various topics such as security and patch management (http://myitforum.com/cs2/blogs/cmosby/default.aspx). In addition, Chris was awarded the Most Valuable Professional award in Configuration Manager from Microsoft, for the third time, for the period of April 2008 to June 2009.

Ron Crumbaker is the CTO of myITforum and is very active in the community space. Ron is currently a four-time MVP in the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager area. Ron has written blogs, articles, and another book on various Microsoft topics. He has spoken at many Microsoft Management Summit conferences. In addition, Ron has three wonderful children, Nate, Abby, and Cole, as well as a lovely wife, Martha. Ron is very active in his church and is an ordained deacon and youth minister at his local church. Ron is a huge Camaro fan and is very excited to see the rerelease of the Camaro in 2010!

Christopher W. Urban is a management tools product specialist working within the Midwest district for Microsoft. He started his computer endeavors during high school while programming COBOL, RPG, and Basic. After serving in the United States Marine Corps, Christopher started his professional computer career in the public education sector doing technology integration.
In 1994, Christopher received his first Microsoft Certified Professional designation under Windows 3.51. Through the years, Christopher has attained various certifications and achievements such as MCSE, MCT, and MVP. Christopher was the founder of LearnSMS.com, which provided task-based, online video training, prior to joining Microsoft. In 2007, he was awarded the Management Insider Top Gun Award. Christopher currently runs theMicrosoft Management track within the Chicago Windows User Group ( http://portal.cwug.net).
Christopher resides in southern Wisconsin with his wife, Ruthie, of 11 years; his son, Noah; and his daughter, Olivia. When not working on technical information or solutions, he can be found gaming on Xbox, tinkering with home automation, or sport fencing.

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