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MATLAB Primer, Eighth Edition

MATLAB Primer, Eighth Edition, 9781439828625 (1439828628), CRC Press, 2010

Highlighting the new aspects of MATLAB® 7.10 and expanding on many existing features, MATLAB® Primer, Eighth Edition shows you how to solve problems in science, engineering, and mathematics. Now in its eighth edition, this popular primer continues to offer a hands-on, step-by-step introduction to using the powerful tools of MATLAB.

New to the Eighth Edition

  • A new chapter on object-oriented programming
  • Discussion of the MATLAB File Exchange window, which provides direct access to over 10,000 submissions by MATLAB users
  • Major changes to the MATLAB Editor, such as code folding and the integration of the Code Analyzer (M-Lint) into the Editor
  • Explanation of more powerful Help tools, such as quick help popups for functions via the Function Browser
  • The new bsxfun function
  • A synopsis of each of the MATLAB Top 500 most frequently used functions, operators, and special characters
  • The addition of several useful features, including sets, logical indexing, isequal, repmat, reshape, varargin, and varargout

The book takes you through a series of simple examples that become progressively more complex. Starting with the core components of the MATLAB desktop, it demonstrates how to handle basic matrix operations and expressions in MATLAB. The text then introduces commonly used functions and explains how to write your own functions, before covering advanced features, such as object-oriented programming, calling other languages from MATLAB, and MATLAB graphics. It also presents an in-depth look at the Symbolic Toolbox, which solves problems analytically rather than numerically.

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