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MBA In A Day: What You Would Learn At Top-Tier Business Schools


Praise for MBA IN A DAY®

"Dr. Stralser’s book, MBA in a Day is must reading for every physician who is in a management role, anticipates management responsibilities, or functions in a private, solo, or group practice setting. Insights into the fundamentals of management, marketing, personnel management, finance, and economics will add to one’s satisfaction and understanding of his or her contribution in the delivery of modern medicine."
–Anthony F. Vuturo, MD, MPH, FACPE
Senior Vice President, Canyon Ranch Health Resort
Professor Emeritus, University of Arizona College of Medicine

"After thirteen years in the National Hockey League, making the transition from professional athlete to entrepreneur has been eased by the practical knowledge that I have implemented from Professor Stralser’s MBA in a Day."
–Jim Johnson
Cofounder, FlexxCoach, e-learning for coaches and athletes
Former National Hockey League player

"Increased demands, limited time, and higher expectations challenge executives as never before. MBA in a Day is an excellent resource to cut through all the noise and focus on fundamental guiding business principles."
–David E. Ratcliffe
Director, The Merrill Lynch Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Management

"Steve Stralser is a master teacher. An MBA from Wharton or Harvard will cost you an arm and a leg. Read this terrific book and invest the money you would have spent on tuition into your own business."
–Robert Kramer, PhD
Director, Executive Education Programs
School of Public Affairs, American University

"The ‘fundamental’ business principles that Professor Stralser teaches in MBA in a Day are integral to sustaining a fast-growing business by any entrepreneur not formally trained in these concepts."
–Kenny Kramm
Founder, FlavorX
An Inc. 500 Company

About the Author

STEVEN STRALSER, PhD, is a clinical professor at Thunderbird: The Garvin School of International Management, where he teaches entrepreneurship. He is the founder and CEO of the Center for Professional Development, an organization dedicated to the further training and development of professionals. Dr. Stralser’s MBA in a Day® seminar series brings leading-edge concepts and principles taught in today’s best business schools to professionals everywhere.

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