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MCSE Training Kit-Microsoft Windows XP Professional


Official Microsoft study guide for the skills you need on the job—and on the exam.

Learn how to set up and support the Windows® XP Professional operating system—and prepare for the Microsoft® Certified Professional (MCP) exam—with this official Microsoft study guide. Work at your own pace through a system of lessons and hands-on exercises to gain practical experience installing, configuring, and administering Windows XP Professional. As you build these real-world system support skills, you’re also preparing for MCP Exam 70-270—a core requirement on the MCSE/MCSA tracks.

• Implementing Windows XP Professional, including automated and remote installations
• Configuring the desktop environment—from user accounts to multiple-language support
• Installing and supporting hardware devices and drivers
• Administering resources such as shared folders, file systems, and network printers
• Configuring and troubleshooting network protocols and services—including TCP/IP, Internet Information Services, and remote access
• Optimizing memory, processor, and application performance
• Managing security—Group Policy, Encrypting File System (EFS), NTFS permissions
• Backing up and restoring files and system state data

• Comprehensive self-paced training manual that maps to MCP exam goals and objectives
• Skill-building exercises for learning you can apply to the job
• Lesson summaries and review questions to help gauge your progress
• Interactive animations of the automated setup and boot process, fully simulated installation, and demonstrations of key exercises
• Sample Readiness Review practice-test questions, Microsoft Encyclopedia of Networking eBook, and complete training kit on CD-ROM

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