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MEAN Blueprints

MEAN Blueprints, 9781783553945 (1783553944), Packt Publishing, 2016

Key Features

  • Build six optimum end-to-end web applications using the M.E.A.N stack
  • Follow the advanced Angular.js 2 application structure to build more scalable and maintainable apps
  • Integrate an authorization system into your application and reuse existing code from projects

Book Description

The MEAN stack is a combination of the most popular web development frameworks available―MongoDB, Angular, Express, and Node.js used together to offer a powerful and comprehensive full stack web development solution. It is the modern day web dev alternative to the old LAMP stack. It works by allowing AngularJS to handle the front end, and selecting Mongo, Express, and Node to handle the back-end development, which makes increasing sense to forward-thinking web developers. The MEAN stack is great if you want to prototype complex web applications.

This book will enable you to build a better foundation for your AngularJS apps. Each chapter covers a complete, single, advanced end-to-end project. You'll learn how to build complex real-life applications with the MEAN stack and few more advanced projects. You will become familiar with WebSockets and build real-time web applications, as well as create auto-destructing entities. Later, we will combine server-side rendering techniques with a single page application approach. You'll build a fun project and see how to work with monetary data in Mongo. You will also find out how to a build real-time e-commerce application.

By the end of this book, you will be a lot more confident in developing real-time, complex web applications using the MEAN stack.

What you will learn

  • Build modern, end-to-end web applications by employing the full stack web development solution of MEAN
  • Learn NoSQL databases and separate the client logic from the server code
  • Build a complex application from start to finish and work with monetary data in MongoDB
  • Handle a multi-user type system and authorize your users to access control list
  • Implement a chat application from scratch using Socket.IO
  • Create distributed applications and use the power of server-side rendering in your applications
  • Extend a project with a real-time bidding system using WebSockets

About the Author

Robert Onodi has been developing software for close to a decade now. He started working on small applications in Flash, and later moved on to the LAMP stack. For most of his career, he has been working with JavaScript. Having knowledge of both server-side technologies and a passion for JavaScript, he rapidly adopted Node.js in his development stack.

Currently, he works at Evozon, where he shares his dedication for technology and JavaScript with others and develops modern applications using the MEAN stack. Besides his daily programming routine, he is also passionate about mentoring and training.

Table of Contents

  1. Contact Manager
  2. Expense Tracker
  3. Job Board
  4. Chat Application
  5. E-commerce Application
  6. Auction Application
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