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Mechanics of Microelectromechanical Systems

This book offers a comprehensive coverage to the mechanics of
microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), which are analyzed from a
mechanical engineer’s viewpoint as devices that transform an input form of
energy, such as thermal, electrostatic, electromagnetic or optical, into output
mechanical motion (in the case of actuation) or that can operate with the
reversed functionality (as in sensors) and convert an external stimulus, such as
mechanical motion, into (generally) electric energy. The impetus of this
proposal stems from the perception that such an approach might contribute to
a more solid understanding of the principles governing the mechanics of
MEMS, and would hopefully enhance the efficiency of modeling and
designing reliable and desirably-optimized microsystems. The work
represents an attempt at both extending and deepening the mechanical-based
approach to MEMS in the static domain by providing simple, yet reliable
tools that are applicable to micromechanism design through current
fabrication technologies.

Lumped-parameter stiffness and compliance properties of flexible
components are derived both analytically (as closed-form solutions) and as
simplified (engineering) formulas. Also studied are the principal means of
actuation/sensing and their integration into the overall microsystem. Various
examples of MEMS are studied in order to better illustrate the presentation of
the different modeling principles and algorithms.
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