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Mfc Black Book

Mfc Black Book, 9781576101858 (1576101851), Coriolis Group Books, 1997
Are you an MFC programmer? Good. There are two types of MFC
programmers. What kind are you? The first kind are the good programmers
who write programs that conform to the way MFC wants you to do things. The
second bunch are wild-eyed anarchists who insist on getting things done their
way. Me, I’m in the second group. If you are in the same boat (or would like to
be) this book is for you.

This book won’t teach you MFC—not in the traditional sense. You should
pick it up with a good understanding of basic MFC programming and a desire
to do things differently. This isn’t a Scribble tutorial (although I will review
some fundamentals in the first chapter). You will learn how to wring every
drop from your MFC programs. You’ll discover how to use, abuse, and
abandon the document/view architecture. If you’ve ever wanted custom
archives, you’ll find that, too.

Generally, MFC is a good thing. But if you use it for something, you
essentially have to buy into everything it provides. You can’t just use the OLE
part (or the print preview part, or splitter windows). When you use MFC, you
are agreeing to do things the MFC way.

Even inside MFC, you’ll find the same phenomenon. Did you know that you
can use dynamic data exchange (DDX) with any window that child controls?
However, Class Wizard only helps you work with certain kinds of windows
(like dialog boxes). Because using DDX without Class Wizard is poorly
documented, this—in effect—limits how you use DDX.
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