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Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 24seven

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 24seven, 9780782142501 (0782142508), Sybex, 2004
Advanced Coverage for Experienced Exchange Administrators

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 24seven doesn't try to take you back to square one. Instead, it builds on the knowledge you've already earned. Expert Jim McBee with assistance from Barry Gerber delivers targeted instruction and inside tips that will help you follow the best practices established by successful Exchange organizations across a wide range of industries. This is also a great way to make a smooth transition to the latest release of Exchange Server. Coverage includes:

  • Getting your Exchange installation right the first time
  • Managing interactions with Active Directory
  • Understanding Exchange data storage
  • Preventing and recovering from disasters
  • Administering daily operations
  • Customizing Exchange
  • Optimizing performance
  • Achieving higher availability
  • Isolating and solving common Exchange problems
  • Troubleshooting SMTP and DNS problems
  • Improving security against viruses and worms
  • Securing clients
  • Deploying and customizing Outlook web access
  • Supporting mobile clients

About the Author
Jim McBee, MCSE and MCT, is a consultant based in Honolulu, Hawaii. He specializes in Exchange deployments and education and has worked for many Fortune 500 customers, as well as the U.S. Department of Defense. He is the author of Exchange 2000 Server 24seven, Exchange 5.5 24seven and co-author of Cabling: The Complete Guide to Network Wiring.

Barry Gerber, contributing author and author of Mastering Exchange Server 2003, shares his extensive real-world experience in easy-to-understand language in this administrator's guide to Microsoft's messaging and collaboration server.  

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