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Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 High Availability


Design a highly available Exchange 2013 messaging environment using real-world examples


  • Use the easy-to-follow guidelines and tips to achieve the highest availability
  • Covers all the aspects that need to be considered before, during and after implementation of high availability
  • Packed with clear diagrams and scenarios that simplify the application of high availability concepts such as site resilience

In Detail

Microsoft Exchange 2013 is the most widely used messaging platform in the world. Learning how to deploy it in a highly available manner is as fascinating and challenging as it is crucial for every organization.

This practical hands-on guide will provide you with a number of clear scenarios and examples that will explain the mechanics behind the working of Exchange Server High Availability 2013 and how maximum availability and resilience can be achieved through it. For most organizations around the world, e-mail is their top mission-critical service. Throughout nearly 20 years of Exchange development, Microsoft has been improving the Exchange platform, making it more user-friendly and reliable with each release. From Windows clusters, to Cluster continuous replication and database availability groups, the progress of Exchange in terms of availability and resilience is extraordinary.

Throughout this book, you will go through all the roles, components, and features that should be considered when addressing high availability. You will go through how to achieve high availability for the Client Access and Mailbox server roles, what's new in load balancing, site resilience, the new public folders, and much more.

You will learn to successfully design, configure, and maintain a highly available Exchange 2013 environment by going through different examples and real-world scenarios, saving you and your company time and money, and eliminating errors.

What you will learn from this book

  • Design and configure high availability and site resilience for Exchange 2013 roles and components
  • Take advantage of the new monitoring features of Exchange 2013
  • Perform Disaster Recovery, backup, and restoration of Exchange 2013
  • Understand the importance of high availability and resilience
  • Improve high availability comprehensively through the use of the Transport service
  • Use the monitoring features of Exchange 2013 to achieve a higher level of availability
  • Comprehend the influence of the new architecture of Exchange 2013 in high availability


This book is a hands-on practical guide that provides the reader with a number of clear scenarios and examples, making it easier to understand and apply the new concepts. Each chapter can be used as a reference, or it can be read from beginning to end, allowing consultants/administrators to build a solid and highly available Exchange 2013 environment.

Who this book is written for

If you are a messaging professional who wants to learn to design a highly available Exchange 2013 environment, this book is for you. Although not a definite requirement, practical experience with Exchange 2010 is expected, without being a subject matter expert.

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