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Microsoft Office Access 2007 QuickSteps

Step-by-Step, Full-Color Graphics!

Get started using Access 2007 right away--the QuickSteps way. Color screenshots and clear instructions show you how to use all the new and improved features. Follow along and learn to work with the new Office interface and ribbon, create databases and tables, and enter and edit data. You'll also find out how to retrieve information, create forms, and generate reports. Plus, you can flip straight to the information you need easily using the color-coded tabs. Get the book that gets you started using Access 2007 in no time.

In each chapter:

  • Shortcuts for accomplishing common tasks
  • Need-to-know facts in concise narrative
  • Helpful reminders or alternate ways of doing things
  • Bonus information related to the topic being covered
  • Errors and pitfalls to avoid
About the Author

John Cronan has been working with computers for more than 25 years. His books include Microsoft Office Excel 2007 QuickSteps, eBay QuickSteps, and others.

Bobbi Sandberg, a former CPA, teaches Access at the community college level. Her books include Quicken 2006 QuickSteps and Quicken 2007 Personal Finance Software QuickSteps.

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