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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition For Dummies (Computer/Tech)

Find code for sample applications on the companion Web site

Get up and running in no time with this streamlined version of SQL Server

SQL Server Express with Advanced Services is new, cool, inexpensive, and now — thanks to this book — easy to handle! This friendly guide helps you migrate data from other databases, use SQL Server Management Studio Express, protect your information, even create applications and putter with a little programming.

Discover how to

  • Use SQL Server Management Studio Express
  • Migrate data from Access and MSDE
  • Create custom reports using Advanced Services
  • Formulate and run queries
  • Maintain data integrity with transactions
  • Employ XML to send data to Web applications
About the Author
Robert D. Schneider has more than 15 years of experience developing and delivering sophisticated software solutions worldwide. He has provided database optimization, distributed computing, and other technical expertise to a wide variety of enterprises in the financial, technology, and government sectors. Clients have included Chase Manhattan Bank, VISA, HP, SWIFT, and the governments of the United States, Brazil, and Malaysia.
He is the author of Optimizing Informix Applications, Microsoft SQL Server: Planning and Building a High Performance Database, and MySQL Database Design and Tuning. He has also written numerous articles on technical and professional services topics. He can be reached at Robert.Schneider@Think88.com.
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