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Microsoft SQL Server 2005: The Complete Reference


The Definitive Guide to Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Deliver high-performance, widely distributed enterprise database applications using Microsoft SQL Server 2005. This comprehensive resource shows you how to get up-and-running on SQL Server 2005, create and manage databases and tables, triggers, functions, stored procedures, transactions, and advanced database queries. Microsoft SQL Server 2005: The Complete Reference covers every aspect of the new release in full detail, starting with an in-depth review of the core database engine. The book goes on to cover the management and maintenance tools, the SQL Server support of the .NET Common Language Runtime, database integrity, transactions, security, performance management tools, and monitoring techniques.


  • Set up, configure, and manage Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • Understand the RDBMS architecture
  • Develop, debug, and deploy Web-enabled database applications
  • Build databases, tables, indexes, and views
  • Create triggers, stored procedures, and functions
  • Implement sound security and disaster recovery policies
  • Integrate .NET applications and XML
  • Write sophisticated T-SQL statements in SQL Server Management Studio
  • Optimize data integrity and maximize application availability
  • Work with operational, tabular, and transactional data

About the Author

Jeffrey Shapiro, MCSE, MCTS, MCPD, is the author of SQL Server 2000: The Complete Reference as well as 11 other technology books. He is currently working on a variety of SQL Server business intelligence projects for Fortune 100 companies in Orlando, Florida.

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