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Microsoft Tabular Modeling Cookbook


No prior knowledgeof tabular modeling is needed to benefit from this brilliant cookbook. This is the total guide to developing and managing analytical models using the Business Intelligence Semantic Models technology.


  • Develop tabular models for personal use
  • Learn about the modeling techniques which are required to overcome commonly encountered problems and master advanced modeling scenarios
  • Understand the techniques required to promote personal models to corporate enterprise environments and manage the models in a corporate environment
  • Learn tips and tricks for querying tabular models and learn how to access the data within them for dynamic reporting including the development of interactive workbooks

In Detail

Business Intelligence Semantic Models (BISM) is a technology that is designed to deliver analytical information to users through a variety of mechanisms that include model structure, definition, and design. This book demonstrates how to create BISM models so that information can be presented to users in an intuitive and easy-to-use format. Once the model is defined, we also show you how it can be managed and maintained so that the data in it remains current and secure.

Microsoft Tabular Modeling Cookbook is an all-encompassing guide to developing, managing, creating, and using analytical models using the Business Intelligence Semantic Model (BISM). This title covers a range of modeling situations and common data analysis related problems to show you the techniques required to turn data into information using tabular modeling.

Microsoft Tabular Modeling Cookbook examines three areas of tabular modeling: model development, model management and maintenance, and reporting. This book is a practical guide on how to develop semantic models and turn business data into information. It covers all phases of the model lifecycle from creation to administration and finally reporting. It also shows you how to create models which are designed to analyze data.

All sections of BISM modeling from development to management and finally reporting are covered. The sections on development examine a wide range of techniques and tricks required to build models, including moving data into the model, structuring the model to manipulate the data, and finally the formulas required to answer common business questions; all of these are discussed in this book in detail.

Finally, the book examines methods of reporting on the data within the model, including the creation of data-driven workbooks and reports for a powerful end user experience.

What you will learn from this book

  • Create tabular models which present custom information to users
  • Create simple and complex DAX formulas and measures that address business questions and concerns
  • Learn the basics of tabular modeling and how to structure the model and control what information is presented to the user
  • Understand the methods of importing data into the model and the techniques to manage the data access components of the model
  • Learn about the DAX calculations and modeling concepts required to present custom-specific user requirements to model users
  • Explore the techniques required to promote and manage tabular models in corporate environments
  • Learn methods to report and query on the data within the model
  • Understand the techniques required to extend the native reporting capabilities in Excel through the use of Visual Basic for Application (VBA) within workbooks in order to provide a rich and customizable reporting framework for users
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