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Mobile Media and Applications, From Concept to Cash: Successful Service Creation and Launch


Experience the forces behind the changes in the IT, Mobile Telecom and Media industries through real-life cases from this converging market!

Mobile Media and Applications - From Concept to Cash shows how to address the challenges of consumer marketing, technology strategy and delivery tactics for new 3G services from a pragmatic ‘how they did it’ approach. Combining the authors’ technical competence, business experience and consumer understanding, this book pinpoints the pitfalls and keys to success in the industry.  The authors offer an end-to-end view, covering customer needs, analysis of the many complex value chains, the capabilities and limitations of the technologies, and the packaging and launch of new mobile services.  Based on real case studies and experiences, analysis and advice is given to help the reader succeed in the real world.

Mobile Media and Applications - From Concept to Cash:

  • Explains how media companies can go mobile, how the telecoms, media and IT industries are converging and how even a frog can top the CD singles chart with a ringtone.
  • Built heavily on case studies from real implementations and launches of services such as mobile TV, music and gaming.
  • Describes how many service environments today are failing and highlights best practices to make them efficient and powerful.
  • For the first time ever, the impact of mobile devices and customer behavior for mobile services is analyzed in depth.
  • Offers an accompanying website with additional case studies, articles and links to the best developer forums and resources.

Decision makers, professionals and application developers in the IT, Telecoms and Media industries, as well as enterprises, analysts, consultants, financial services, and journalists will find this an invaluable guide to creating successful mobile services. Advanced students in Electrical Engineering and Telecoms as well as business schools will find this book a useful addition to their reading list.

About the Author

Mobile Media and Applications - From Concept to Cash.

Successful Service Creation and Launch.

Christoffer Andersson, Ericsson, Spain.

Daniel Freeman, Ericsson, Sweden.

Ian James, Ericsson, South Africa.

Andy Johnston, Ericsson, China.

Staffan Ljung, Ericsson, Sweden.

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