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MySQL/PHP Database Applications

MySQL/PHP Database Applications Affordable Open Source Solutions to E-Commerce Challenges In this unique guide, two Web development gurus show you how to harness the open source power of MySQL and PHP — and create high-performance Web database applications that won't break the bank. Using plenty of ready-to-run code and seven concrete examples — from a simple guestbook to a not-so-simple shopping cart — they walk you step-by-step through the process of building a MySQL database and writing real-world PHP applications. Best of all, they provide you with MySQL, PHP, and all their examples on the CD-ROM — which means that you're holding in your hands everything you need to jump-start an e-commerce project. Create High-Performance Database Applications for the Web
  • Find out what MySQL offers — and doesn't
  • Get up to speed on normal forms and other MySQL basics
  • Build MySQL tables with Structured Query Language
  • Extract database information with MySQL selects and functions
  • Work with PHP variables, control structures, and functions
  • Get tips on writing good code and using object-oriented techniques
  • Create simple applications: a guestbook and a survey
  • Develop more sophisticated applications: a catalog, a content manager, a threaded discussion, a problem tracking system, and a shopping cart
  • Discover helpful appendixes on HTML forms, MySQL utilities, PHP functions, and more
Bonus CD-ROM Includes
  • MySQL 3.23
  • PHP 4.0.3
  • Apache 1.3.12
  • PHP classes, libraries, utilities, and other tools
  • Ready-to-run code and example applications from the book
System Requirements PC running Windows 95 or later, Windows NT 4 or later, Linux or Unix. See Appendix J for more details and requirements. www.mandtbooks.com

About the Author
Jay Greenspan, a writer and database developer, was most recently a producer at Wired Digital's Webmonkey, where he wrote about PHP, ASP, XML, and other topics. Brad Bulger, a seasoned software developer who previously worked at Ingres (now part of Computer Associates) and Wired magazine, is currently a software engineer at Wired Digital.
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