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Name Reactions in Heterocyclic Chemistry

Covers important name reactions relevant to heterocyclic chemistry

The field of heterocyclic chemistry has long presented a special challenge for chemists. Because of the enormous amount and variety of information, it is often a difficult topic to cover for undergraduate and graduate chemistry students, even in simplified form. Yet the chemistry of heterocyclic compounds and methods for their synthesis form the bedrock of modern medicinal chemical and pharmaceutical research. Thus there is a great need for high quality, up-to-date, and authoritative books on heterocyclic synthesis helpful to both the professional research chemist as well as the advanced student.

Name Reactions in Heterocyclic Chemistry provides a one-stop repository for this important field of organic chemistry. The primary topics include three- and four-membered heterocycles, five-membered heterocycles including indoles, furans, thiophenes, and oxazoles, six-membered heterocycles including quinolines, isoquinolines, and pyrimidines, and other heterocycles.

Each name reaction is summarized in seven sections:

  • Description
  • Historical perspective
  • Mechanism
  • Variations and improvements
  • Synthetic utility
  • Experimental
  • References

Authored by a team of world-renowned contributors–some of whom have discovered the very reactions they describe–Name Reactions in Heterocyclic Chemistry represents a state-of-the-art resource for students and researchers alike.

About the Author
JIE JACK LI is a medicinal chemist at Pf izer Global Research and Development in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His research interests include medicinal chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, transition metal-catalyzed reactions, and radical chemistry. He is author of Name Reactions: A Collection of Detailed Reaction Mechanisms, and coauthor of Palladium in Heterocyclic Chemistry and Contemporary Drug Synthesis, also published by Wiley.

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