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Network Simulation Experiments Manual (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Networking)

Networking technologies and concepts are often difficult to explain, even through careful description and well thought out examples. One method for making this information "stick" is done by creating an environment where networking professionals and students can visualize how networks work, utilizing a software tool that simulates the functions within a network. The tool itself is highly useful in that it provides a virtual environment for an assortment of desirable features such as modeling a network based on specified criteria and predicting its performance.

The Network Simulation Experiments Manual takes this instructional tool a step further and provides detailed experiments on core networking topologies for use in this simulation environment. Various scenarios are presented within each topology: Review questions, a lab report, and exercises accompany each assignment as well. The manual also comes with directions for downloading the free easy-to-install software, the OPNET IT Guru Academic Edition. This software provides a virtual environment for modeling, analyzing, and predicting the performance of IT infrastructures, including applications, servers, and networking technologies.

Prepared by Professor Emad Aboelela of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, the experiments in the manual are closely tied to the organization of Computer Networks: A Systems Approach, 3e, and when used together are a complete tool for understanding how and why computer networks function as they do.


*Written by an instructor who has used OPNET simulation tools in his classroom for numerous demonstrations and real-world scenarios.
*Software download based on an award-winning product made by OPNET Technologies, Inc., whose software is used by thousands of commercial and government organizations worldwide, and by over 500 universities.
*Useful experimentation for professionals in the workplace who are interested in learning & demonstrating the capability of evaluating different commercial networking products, i.e., Cisco routers.
*Covers the core networking topologies and includes assignments on the ethernet, token rings, ATM, Switched LANs, Network Design, RIP, TCP, Queuing Disciplines, QoS, etc.

About the Author

Dr. Emad Aboelela received his Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from the University of Miami (Florida); M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Computer Science from Alexandria University (Egypt). He received many academic related awards including the Award of Academic Merit from the University of Miami. Dr. Aboelela's current research interests are in applying fuzzy multiobjective optimization techniques in the area of Quality-of-Service for multimedia networking. His work has appeared in several journal publications and has been presented by him in prestigious conferences.

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