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Networking Self-Teaching Guide: OSI, TCP/IP, LAN's, MAN's, WAN's, Implementation, Management, and Maintenance (Wiley Self Teaching Guides)

IT professionals who want to move into the networking side in a corporate or enterprise setting will find the detailed content they need to get up to speed on the very latest networking technologies; plus, current networking professionals will find this a valuable and up-to-date resource. This hands-on guide is designed so that you can select, design, and implement an actual network using the tutorials and steps in the book. Coverage includes an overview of networking technologies, including the hardware, software, transmission media, and data transfer processes; in-depth coverage of OSI and TCP/IP reference models; operating systems and other systems software used in today?s networks; LANs, WANS, and MANs, including the components and standards that operate within each type of area network; and more.

Select, design, and implement a network

If you want to make the move into a networking career, this is the resource for you. It covers the technologies you need to know, including the hardware, software, data transfer processes, and more. This guide first takes you through the essentials of networking and progresses through the advanced features and capabilities available in many of the standards. You'll then delve into network design as well as the important tasks of securing, managing, and troubleshooting issues within a given network.

  • Manage all the components within a node
  • Take advantage of the Ethernet, today's most prominent LAN technology

  • Utilize the most commonly deployed standards and technologies in networking

  • Ensure that information flows smoothly and without error between the upper layers

  • Allow for direct communication between network nodes over a physical channel

  • Apply and develop design concepts for a given network

  • Prevent network attacks and perform traffic monitoring and analysis

  • Troubleshoot any network problem using proven strategies

About the Author

James Edwards has over 10 years of experience as a Premium Support Network Engineer. He also served as a technical editor and expert in networking technologies.

Rich Bramante has been a network engineer for 10 years as well as a technical lead. He was also a technical writer for functional specifications and testing procedures.

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