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Nuendo Power!

Nuendo Power!, 9781592003907 (1592003907), Course Technology PTR, 2004
Whether you are a musician, recording engineer, sound designer, video editor, or other type of
media author, certainly you have noticed that the demands of audio production in today’s multimedia
environment have increased dramatically. With the proliferation of surround sound systems in theaters,
homes, and specialized installations, multi-channel audio production is commonplace. Until recently,
the requirements of this type of high-end audio production could be met only with expensive analog
equipment or high-priced, dedicated DSP cards and mammoth-sized mixing consoles stretching 20 feet or
more. Those days are coming to a close.

Steinberg has been developing MIDI and audio software for computers since the mid-eighties and has had
success with the Cubase line of MIDI and audio workstations. Steinberg has always been on the forefront,
developing audio technology for native computer processing without the need for dedicated DSP cards or
external devices. The VST (Virtual Studio Technology) specification allows audio to be recorded, mixed, and
processed by a personal computer’s CPU. As the processing power and speed of these computers improves,
the ability to create complex audio productions entirely within the computer has become possible.
Steinberg has embraced this technological wave with the release of Nuendo, a complete audio media
creation tool. From the ground up, Nuendo has been envisioned as a multi-channel audio and MIDI
workstation with an eye toward the future of audio production. High-resolution sample rates and surround
sound have been part of Nuendo since its very first version, and the development has not stopped there.
Each new version provides much needed and intuitive tools for audio editing, mixing, and processing.
With the release of Nuendo 2.0, the native workstation has been taken to a new level with the advent of
plug-in delay compensation and incredibly flexible mixer routing and configuration capabilities. These
key features make Nuendo perform much like its analog conterparts of the past. Nuendo stands alone as a
model for modern audio creation tools.

This book is a guide that will introduce you to the amazing features found in Nuendo. However, Nuendo
offers so much flexibility in creating audio that it is not possible for a book of this scope to address every
possible way to accomplish certain tasks within Nuendo. This is one of the beautiful things about this
software. With your own unique working method, you will be able to utilize features in Nuendo in many
new ways that may not be envisioned in this book. The customizable aspect of Nuendo alone allows for
almost unlimited versatility in how you wish to go about your work.
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