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Numerical Methods for Elliptic and Parabolic Partial Differential Equations (Texts in Applied Mathematics)

This book resulted from lectures given at the University of Erlangen–
Nuremberg and at the University of Magdeburg. On these occasions we
often had to deal with the problem of a heterogeneous audience composed
of students of mathematics and of different natural or engineering sciences.

Thus the expectations of the students concerning the mathematical accuracy
and the applicability of the results were widely spread. On the other
hand, neither relevant models of partial differential equations nor some
knowledge of the (modern) theory of partial differential equations could be
assumed among the whole audience. Consequently, in order to overcome the
given situation, we have chosen a selection of models and methods relevant
for applications (which might be extended) and attempted to illuminate the
whole spectrum, extending from the theory to the implementation, without
assuming advanced mathematical background. Most of the theoretical
obstacles, difficult for nonmathematicians, will be treated in an “inductive”
manner. In general, we use an explanatory style without (hopefully)
compromising the mathematical accuracy.

We hope to supply especially students of mathematics with the information
necessary for the comprehension and implementation of finite
element/finite volume methods. For students of the various natural or
engineering sciences the text offers, beyond the possibly already existing
knowledge concerning the application of the methods in special fields, an
introduction into the mathematical foundations, which should facilitate the
transformation of specific knowledge to other fields of applications.
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Distributed Computing with Go: Practical concurrency and parallelism for Go applications
Distributed Computing with Go: Practical concurrency and parallelism for Go applications

A tutorial leading the aspiring Go developer to full mastery of Golang's distributed features.

Key Features

  • This book provides enough concurrency theory to give you a contextual understanding of Go concurrency
  • It gives weight to synchronous and asynchronous data...
Web Component Development with Zope 3
Web Component Development with Zope 3
New Zope 3 is a web applications server written in Python that allows developing complex web applications rapidly and collaboratively. Zope 3 is the successor to the successful version 2.

After an introduction to the key concepts of Zope, a sample application is built and extended subsequently. The book is targeted towards developers familiar...

Cisco CCNP Support Exam Certification Guide (With CD-ROM)
Cisco CCNP Support Exam Certification Guide (With CD-ROM)

The official self-study test preparation guide for the CCNP Support exam

Coverage of all CCNP Support exam topics enables you to identify and improve your knowledge gaps before the exam date. You'll learn to:

  • Utilize various support resources, including network media test equipment, network monitors, protocol...

Oracle9i Mobile
Oracle9i Mobile

The idea of writing this book came to us one afternoon when we were discussing building mobile applications. We marveled about the lack of reference materials and books that would go beyond WAP and single channel wireless publishing. Jeremy Judson of McGraw-Hill/ Osborne encouraged us to share what we know best: how to build mobile...

An Atlas of Sarcoidosis
An Atlas of Sarcoidosis

- Comprehensive illustrative encyclopedia containg many rare images

- Includes clinical analysis for the physician

- Designed to complement and provide a visual supplement to already existing texts on sarcoidosis

- Only atlas of sarcoidosis which reviews the multisystmeic nature of sarcoidosis on the context...

Daniel Arbuckle's Mastering Python
Daniel Arbuckle's Mastering Python

Key Features

  • Covers the latest and advanced concepts of Python such as parallel processing with Python 3.6
  • Explore the Python language from its basic installation and setup to concepts such as reactive programming and microservices
  • Get introduced to the mechanism for rewriting code in a...
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