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Numerical Simulations and Case Studies Using Visual C++.Net

Master the numerical simulation process required to design, test and support mobile and parallel computing systems. An accompanying ftp site contains all the Visual C++ based programs discussed in the text to help readers create their own programs. With its focus on problems and solutions, this is an excellent text for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, and a must-have reference for researchers and professionals in the field of simulations.

More information about Visual C++ based programs can be found at: ftp: //ftp.wiley.com/public/sci_tech_med/numerical_simulations/

Numerical computing has come a long way since the discovery of the first computer
in the early 1940s. Computers have brought changes to the world through their
capability to handle and solve problems that were previously not solvable. Because
of the improvements in information and communications technology that computers
have brought, the world looks smaller. There have been vast improvements in
the way computers are used for solving numerical problems in which hardware and
software together form the building blocks.

This book has been written to discuss both problems in numerical methods and
simulations, and their solutions using Visual C++. There are several objectives for
doing this. First, there is a gap between a problem and its computing elements. A
problem normally comes from a practitioner, whereas the computing elements are
the work of a programmer. A practitioner understands the problem and its manual
solution well but may encounter problems in implementing the idea through programming.
A programmer, on the other hand, has strong analytical skills for programming
but may be lacking in providing the expected solution to the problem as
it is not his or her area of expertise. As a result, students end up buying some books
on Visual C++ and another few books on numerical methods, but still have problems
in combining both. A bridge is needed to close this gap. Most books on the
market discuss either Visual C++ or the problem exclusively, not both of them at
the same time. There are many books specializing in numerical methods and simulations
but almost none of them connect to the resources in Visual C++, particularly
the Microsoft Foundation Class, or MFC, library.
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