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Nursing Older Adults

Nursing Older Adults, 9780335240845 (0335240844), Open University Press, 2011

"Never was a book like this more urgently needed. Its combination of authority and experience makes it especially valuable. Its wisdom is based on the knowledge and understanding of how growing frail really afflicts older people. We who have known independence and freedom need to have our lives respected. This book makes a good case for encouraging older people to enjoy as much autonomy as possible and to collaborate with their carers in keeping well. Those who nurse older people will find much sound help within these pages."
Broadcaster and writer Dame Joan Bakewell

"I am delighted to commend this book to you. Putting older people at the centre of their care and support is central in all good nursing care. However, this publication clearly demonstrates the changes to nursing practice that are needed to make this a reality for individual older people. At a time when the number of older people in our society is growing and, when their care is often unfavourable under the spotlight, this publication will provide an invaluable resource for nurses."
Dame Christine Beasley, DBE, Chief Nursing Officer for England

"Nurses have always known the importance of including the consumer’s voice into practice; however, this text takes this view to additional heights and incorporates the voice of the older person in true partnership as a book editor. This text makes an extraordinary contribution to scholarship and practice and is sure to be on most undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students “must have” list of texts."
Wendy Moyle, PhD, RN Director, Research Centre for Community Practice Innovation, Griffith University, Australia

"A great book: giving a comprehensive insight in the fundamentals of working with older people and key issues in nursing older people... The voice of older people is vividly written in many examples and scenarios given. I recommend this book to nurses, care staff, all who are in the education and qualification sector and other stakeholders in elder care."
Professor Dr. Barbara Klein, Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main - University of Applied Sciences, Germany

"This is exactly the book to choose when looking for a straightforward study book, and is particularly good for students and newly qualified nurses. The chapters are easy to dip into and the language is in layman’s terms. The further resources in the back of the book have some great links to specialist sites.

Staff on the ward also found it useful despite their years of experience. I would strongly recommend this book."
Susan Doyle, Student Nurse, Bangor University Wales, UK

This timely textbook aims to provide adult nurses with the principles and practice insights needed to deliver exceptional care in partnership with older adults. Written by a world renowned author team and includes contributions by older people, ensuring their needs and concerns about nursing care are reflected across the book. This important book:

  • Considers the social perspectives, wider issues and themes, such as ageism, policy, services and demographics
  • Evaluates daily activities and needs, including: mobility, nutrition, communication, sexuality and leisure
  • Features scenarios based on real situations and narratives from older people
  • Examines the use of affirmative language to promote wellbeing and dignity when nursing older adults

Nursing Older Adults will help nurses to better appreciate the experiences and strengths of older people. The book emphasises the importance of undertaking a collaborative approach when shaping the care that older people receive in a variety of healthcare settings.

Serena Allan, Michael Bauer, Sheena E. E. Blair, Jo Booth, Mima Cattan, Charlotte Clarke, Amanda Clarke, Christine Brown Wilson, Angela Dickinson, Karen S. Dunn, Soong-Nang Jang, Diana Jones, Mike Nolan, Linda McAuliffe, Brendan McCormack,Patricia McGeever, Ann MacFarlane, Rhonda Nay, Bhanu Ramaswamy, Jan Reed, Isabell Reid and Debbie Tolson.

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