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Object-Oriented Design with ABAP: A Practical Approach


Conquer your fear and anxiety learning how the concepts behind object-oriented design apply to the ABAP programming environment.  Through simple examples and metaphors this book demystifies the object-oriented programming model.

Object-Oriented Design with ABAP presents a bridge from the familiar procedural style of ABAP to the unfamiliar object-oriented style, taking you by the hand and leading you through the difficulties associated with learning these concepts, covering not only the nuances of using object-oriented principles in ABAP software design but also revealing the reasons why these concepts have become embraced throughout the software development industry.  More than simply knowing how to use various object-oriented techniques, you'll also be able to determine whether a technique is applicable to the task the software addresses. This book:
  • Shows how object-oriented principles apply to ABAP program design
  • Provides the basics for creating component design diagrams
  • Teaches how to incorporate design patterns in ABAP programs

What You’ll Learn

  • Write ABAP code using the object-oriented model as comfortably and easily as using the procedural model
  • Create ABAP design diagrams based on the Unified Modeling Language
  • Implement object-oriented design patterns into ABAP programs
  • Reap the benefits of spending less time designing and maintaining ABAP programs
  • Recognize those situations where design patterns can be most helpful
  • Avoid long and exhausting searches for the cause of bugs in ABAP programs 

 Who This Book Is For

Experienced ABAP programmers who remain unfamiliar with the design potential presented by the object-oriented aspect of the language

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