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Objective-C Fundamentals

Objective-C Fundamentals, 9781935182535 (1935182536), Manning Publications, 2011


Objective-C Fundamentals is a hands-on tutorial that leads you from your first line of Objective-C code through the process of building native apps for the iPhone using the latest version of the SDK. You'll learn to avoid the most common pitfalls, while exploring the expressive Objective-C language through numerous example projects.

About the Technology

The iPhone is a sophisticated device, and mastering the Objective C language is the key to unlocking its awesome potential as a mobile computing platform. Objective C's concise, rich syntax and feature set, when matched with the iPhone SDK and the powerful Xcode environment, offers a developers from any background a smooth transition into mobile app development for the iPhone.

About the Book

Objective-C Fundamentals guides you gradually from your first line of Objective-C code through the process of building native apps for the iPhone. Starting with chapter one, you'll dive into iPhone development by building a simple game that you can run immediately. You'll use tools like Xcode 4 and the debugger that will help you become a more efficient programmer. By working through numerous easy-to-follow examples, you'll learn practical techniques and patterns you can use to create solid and stable apps. And you'll find out how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

No iOS or mobile experience is required to benefit from this book but familiarity with programming in general is helpful.

Purchase of the print book comes with an offer of a free PDF, ePub, and Kindle eBook from Manning. Also available is all code from the book.

What's Inside
  • Objective-C from the ground up
  • Developing with Xcode 4
  • Examples that work unmodified on iPhone

Table of Contents

  1. Building your first iOS application
  2. Data types, variables, and constants
  3. An introduction to objects
  4. Storing data in collections
  5. Creating classes
  6. Extending classes
  7. Protocols
  8. Dynamic typing and runtime type information
  9. Memory management
  10. Error and exception handling
  11. Key-Value Coding and NSPredicate
  12. Reading and writing application data
  13. Blocks and Grand Central Dispatch
  14. Debugging techniques
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