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Official Red Hat Linux User's Guide

Official Red Hat Linux User's Guide, 9780764549670 (0764549677), Red Hat, 2002

Red Hat sealed and approved! Compiled by Red Hat’s own documentation team and reviewed by a Red Hat qualified technical expert, this comprehensive, authoritative guide delivers all the know-how you need to install, use, and customize the latest version of Red Hat Linux.

From identifying system requirements to configuring a network, this handbook provides the most specific user-focused information available. Detailed advice guides you through every option listed in the installation program. You’ll find an entire chapter devoted to the new OpenOffice.org office productivity applications as well as a chapter covering the improved graphical interface, which includes the new GNOME 2.0. Whether you’re a Red Hat Linux newcomer or a user upgrading from an older version, you’ll benefit from the technical advice and FAQs, too.

This guidebook is your single official source for documentation, instruction, and answers about Red Hat Linux 8.

An insider’s look into Red Hat Linux technology

  • Select the most appropriate installation option for your need
  • Solve problems that arise during installation and understand error messages
  • Understand and configure the new Red Hat 8 desktop environment
  • Discover how to add and update packages on your Red Hat system
  • Get online with Mozilla and manipulate images using GIMP
  • Configure a firewall to protect your data and privacy from hackers
  • Explore package management with RPM
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