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OpenSolaris Bible

OpenSolaris Bible, 9780470385487 (0470385480), John Wiley & Sons, 2009
After a beginning overview of the history of OpenSolaris, its open-source licensing, and the community development model, this book then goes on to highlight the aspects of OpenSolaris that differ from more familiar operating systems. You’ll learn how to become a power user of OpenSolaris by maximizing the abilities of advanced features like Dtrace, the fault management architecture, ZFS, the service management facility, and Zones. Authors provide insider tips, unique tricks, and practical examples to help you stay sharp with the latest features of OpenSolaris.

Master one of the most innovative new open source operating systems

The latest version of OpenSolaris is here—and this comprehensive guide is your one-stop gateway to it all. You'll start with a basic crash course in OpenSolaris, including command lines and shells, the GNOME Desktop, systems administration, and other essential topics. Later chapters focus on application development, networking, virtualization, DTrace, and other topics that will transform you into a power user. Find practical tips, step-by-step tutorials, and exact command lines and screenshots you can use right away.

  • Explore the OpenSolaris operating environment—from GNOME® to the bash shell, vim text editor, and more

  • Connect printers, USB devices, and other peripherals to your desktop

  • Master systems administration, including ZFS and NFS file systems, networking, directory services, and security

  • Observe and debug the system with the innovative Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) facility and other monitoring tools

  • Share a single physical machine among multiple users and processes with xVM, VirtualBox, and other virtualization tools

  • Deploy web services using Apache, Apache Tomcat, MySQL®, and other open source web stack applications

  • Write and debug applications in C, C++, Java®, Ruby, Python®, and other languages

About the Author

Nicholas A. Solter
is an engineer at Sun Microsystems and core contributor to the OpenSolaris HA Clubsters community group. He is lead author of Professional C++.

Gerald Jelinek is an engineer on the Zones team at Sun and a core contributor to the OpenSolaris Zones community group.

David Miner is an engineer at Sun, a co-lead for the OpenSolaris distribution, and architect of the Caiman installer.

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