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OpenStack Cloud Security

OpenStack Cloud Security, 9781782170983 (1782170987), Packt Publishing, 2015

Build a secure OpenStack cloud to withstand all common attacks

About This Book

  • Design, implement, and deliver a safe and sound OpenStack cluster using best practices
  • Create a production-ready environment and protect your data on the cloud
  • A step-by-step tutorial packed with real-world solutions that helps you learn easily and quickly

Who This Book Is For

If you are an OpenStack administrator or developer, or wish to build solutions to protect your OpenStack environment, then this book is for you. Experience of Linux administration and familiarity with different OpenStack components is assumed.

What You Will Learn

  • Secure your servers, data center, and network to improve your environment for the cloud
  • Gain insights into ISP intercept and social engineering
  • Explore automated attacks with the help of mass phishing, brute force, and automated exploitation tools
  • Secure your OpenStack installation from a networking perspective at both low and high levels
  • Get to know how to secure your OpenStack to use only encrypted communications for APIs
  • Configure secure communications on the OpenStack API
  • Harden OpenStack Keystone and Horizon for a more secure environment
  • Protect the Swift replication mechanism through network hardening

In Detail

OpenStack is a system that controls large pools of computing, storage, and networking resources, allowing its users to provision resources through a user-friendly interface. OpenStack helps developers with features such as rolling upgrades, federated identity, and software reliability.

You will begin with basic security policies, such as MAC, MLS, and MCS, and explore the structure of OpenStack and virtual networks with Neutron. Next, you will configure secure communications on the OpenStack API with HTTP connections. You will also learn how to set OpenStack Keystone and OpenStack Horizon and gain a deeper understanding of the similarities/differences between OpenStack Cinder and OpenStack Swift.

By the end of this book, you will be able to tweak your hypervisor to make it safer and a smart choice based on your needs.

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