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Optimal Control Models in Finance : A New Computational Approach (Applied Optimization)

This book reports initial efforts in providing some useful extensions in financial
modeling; further work is necessary to complete the research agenda.
The demonstrated extensions in this book in the computation and modeling
of optimal control in finance have shown the need and potential for further
areas of study in financial modeling. Potentials are in both the mathematical
structure and computational aspects of dynamic optimization. There are needs
for more organized and coordinated computational approaches. These extensions
will make dynamic financial optimization models relatively more stable
for applications to academic and practical exercises in the areas of financial
optimization, forecasting, planning and optimal social choice.

This book will be useful to graduate students and academics in finance,
mathematical economics, operations research and computer science. Professional
practitioners in the above areas will find the book interesting and informative.
The authors thank Professor B.D. Craven for providing extensive guidance
and assistance in undertaking this research. This work owes significantly to
him, which will be evident throughout the whole book. The differential equation
solver “nqq” used in this book was first developed by Professor Craven.

Editorial assistance provided by Matthew Clarke, Margarita Kumnick and Tom
Lun is also highly appreciated. Ping Chen also wants to thank her parents for
their constant support and love during the past four years.
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