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Oracle Applications DBA Field Guide

Oracle Applications DBA Field Guide, 9781590596449 (1590596447), Apress, 2006
The Oracle E-Business Suite is like a machine that requires constant maintenance
and fine-tuning. With experience comes the knowledge of how to
tweak the parts and use the tools to make it run properly. Even for the experienced
administrator, Oracle Applications is complicated to administer—let’s
be honest, at times it can be a real headache. Making this task even more
difficult is the need to search through numerous MetaLink notes and references,
Oracle’s online Electronic Technical Reference Manuals (eTRMs), and
other published works for the how-to of daily tasks. As with most trades,
there are hidden secrets that are uncovered only through experience or trial
and error.

After many arduous years of searching for information in Oracle’s
online documentation, and resolving unexpected errors, we decided to work
towards sparing other Oracle Applications DBAs the same fate. Many of the
tips in Oracle Applications DBA Field Guide are unpublished essentials that
will benefit every Oracle Applications DBA.

It is impossible to provide in-depth details for this complex system in a
small reference manual; however, the objective of this guide is to provide the
most critical information required to provide a stable, proactively managed
system. This guide provides the tools and insight an Oracle Applications DBA
or an Oracle E-Business Suite customer needs to understand the complexities
of the system and the best practices associated with maintaining it. The
subject matter covered in this guide is intended to be independent of the
specific modules available in Oracle Applications, and it does assume that
you have some knowledge of database and open systems architecture.
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