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Oracle Database 10g: The Complete Reference (Osborne ORACLE Press Series)


Get a thorough understanding of Oracle Database 10g from the most comprehensive Oracle database reference on the market, published by Oracle Press. From critical architecture concepts to advanced object-oriented concepts, this powerhouse contains nearly 50 chapters designed to enlighten you. Upgrade from earlier versions, use SQL, SQL Plus, and PL/SQL. Get code examples and access popular documentation PDFs--plus a full electronic copy of the book on the included CD-ROM. Go beyond the basics and learn security, text searches, external tables, using Java in Oracle, and a great deal more.

The Ultimate Resource on Oracle Database 10g

Get thorough coverage of Oracle Database 10g from the most comprehensive reference available, published by Oracle Press. With in-depth details on all the new features, this powerhouse resource provides an overview of database architecture and Oracle Grid Computing technology, and covers SQL, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, dynamic PL/SQL, object-oriented features, and Java programming in the Oracle environment. You’ll also find valuable database administration and application development techniques, plus an alphabetical reference covering major Oracle commands, keywords, features, and functions, with cross-referencing of topics.

  • Install Oracle Database 10g or upgrade from an earlier version
  • Execute SQL queries
  • Perform complex searches easily with regular expression functions
  • Implement security measures using Virtual Private Databases (VPDs)
  • Move data with SQL*Loader and Data Pump
  • Replicate data and aggregations using materialized views
  • Execute flashback queries to recover data or see its changes over time
  • Create triggers, stored procedures, and packages with PL/SQL
  • Develop applications with JDBC and XML
  • Work with Oracle Database 10g Real Application Clusters (RAC) and grid technologies
  • Take advantage of the new tuning features

CD-ROM includes a searchable electronic book and all code examples from the book.

About the Author: Kevin Loney is a senior technical management consultant with TUSC, a Chicago-based consultancy providing Oracle solutions. He has been an Oracle developer and DBA since 1987, and has written for Oracle Magazine and Oracle Press since 1990. In 2002, he was named Oracle Magazine’s Editors’ Choice as Consultant of the Year. He is a frequent and highly rated speaker at local and international Oracle user groups.

About the Author

Kevin Loney (Wilmington, DE) is a veteran Oracle developer and DBA. He is the author of the best-selling Oracle8 DBA Handbook and co-author of Advanced Tuning and Administration and Oracle8i: The Complete Reference. He frequently makes presentations at Oracle conferences and contributes to Oracle Magazine.

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