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OS X App Development with CloudKit and Swift


This book is your step-by-step guide to learning OS X app development using CloudKit and Swift.

All the development will be done using Apple’s Swift 2 programming language. You'll see how to define data for your app and build a prototype with Sketch 3 and Keynote. Using CloudKit to store OS X application data, and separate public and private data, readers will learn how to control which data can or cannot be changed in a public data store. OS X App Development with CloudKit and Swift takes you from prototyping your app with Sketch 3 all the way through building a data-driven app using CloudKit, and everything in between.

What You'll Learn
  • How to create Test Data with CloudKit Dashboard
  • How to refine a prototype
  • How to update CloudKit Data from an app
  • How to add Local Cache to improve performance
Who This Book Is For
OS X App Development with CloudKit and Swift is for the iOS or OS X developer who is struggling to get to grips with CloudKit. If you’re looking for a solid example from start to finish using CloudKit with Swift 2 this book’s for you. You should have an understanding of the Swift language, e.g. the differences between var/let, how to work with control statements, closures etc., to work confidently with this book.
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