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Pain: Psychological Perspectives

This volume offers a state-of-the-art, comprehensive account of the psychology
of pain that encompasses clinical perspectives but also basic social and
behavioral science as well as biopsychological contributions to the field.
The relatively recent focus on pain as a subjective experience has led to
dramatic improvements in our understanding of the complex psychological
processes that represent and control pain. There has also been an enhanced
understanding of the ontogenetic, socialization, and contextual determinants
of pain. Mechanisms responsible for the complex synthesis of
sensations, feelings, and thoughts underlying pain behavior have been the
target of concerted research and clinical investigation. This volume explicates
our current understanding of the current theory, research, and practice
on these complex psychological processes. We are proud of our list of
contributors that includes some of the most influential and productive pain
researchers in the world.

Although the book is primarily intended for psychologists (practitioners,
researchers, and students) managing, investigating, and studying pain, it
would also be of interest to a variety of other professionals working in this
area (e.g., physicians, nurses, physiotherapists). The book is also suitable
as a textbook for graduate and advanced undergraduate courses on the
psychology of pain.
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Historical Archaeology of Gendered Lives (Contributions To Global Historical Archaeology)
Historical Archaeology of Gendered Lives (Contributions To Global Historical Archaeology)

During the last half of the nineteenth century, a number of social and economic factors converged that resulted in the rural village of Deerfield, Massachusetts becoming almost entirely female. This drastic shift in population presents a unique lens through which to study gender roles and social relations in the late nineteenth and early...

Come, Let's Play: Scenario-Based Programming Using LSCs and the Play-Engine
Come, Let's Play: Scenario-Based Programming Using LSCs and the Play-Engine
This book does not tell a story. Instead, it is about stories. Or rather, in technical terms, it is about scenarios. Scenarios of system behavior. It concentrates on reactive systems, be they software or hardware, or combined computer-embedded systems, including distributed and real-time systems.

We propose a
Developing Application Frameworks in .NET
Developing Application Frameworks in .NET

Application frameworks, which provide a base of common services on which applications are built, offer the benefits of extensibility, modularity, and reusability of both code and design to your applications. This book explains what frameworks are and how they fit into applications, and offers many object-oriented techniques used in...

Design: A Very Short Introduction
Design: A Very Short Introduction

John Heskett wants to transform the way we think about design by showing how integral it is to our daily lives, from the spoon we use to eat our breakfast cereal, and the car we drive to work in, to the medical equipment used to save lives. Design combines "need" and "desire" in the form of a practical object that can also...

Network Tutorial
Network Tutorial
This text is written for those trying to get up to speed or stay current with the complex challenges of designing, constructing, maintaining, upgrading, and managing the network infrastructure.

Network Tutorial delivers insight and understanding about network technology to managers and executives trying to get up to speed or stay...

Apple Pro Training Series : Getting Started With Motion
Apple Pro Training Series : Getting Started With Motion

Welcome to the official introductory training course for Motion, Apple's dynamic and powerful motion graphics compositing software. This book is a detailed guide to creating motion graphics projects using Motion and the library of more than 4 GB of royalty-free content that is included with the software. It is based on the...

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