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Perfect Phrases for Professional Networking: Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Phrases for Meeting and Keeping Helpful Contacts  Everywhere You Go


Put these words to work for you!
Learn the gift of gab and get closer to your dream job

This latest addition to the bestselling Perfect Phrases series is a must-read for anyone who dreads networking or who has ever fumbled or frozen during important and possibly career-changing conversations. Perfect Phrases for Professional Networking arms readers with foolproof and versatile phrases that help them take advantage of virtually any professional networking opportunity.


From cocktail parties to industry conferences, association meetings, and even unexpected run-ins on the street, this book has all the tools you need to feel comfortable striking up a conversation, steering it in the right direction, and following up effectively. Whether you're looking for a promotion, considering a career change, or just hoping to update that rolodex for a rainy day, this handy resource has you covered--including new-media tactics such as e-mail etiquette, rules for social networking, and the proper way to leave a blog comment.

Author Susan Benjamin shows you how to:

  • Break the ice
  • Use personal connections to create a conversation
  • Steer the conversation toward leads
  • Ask for an invitation to an exclusive gathering
  • Get through to someone who's putting you off
  • Get new leads from an old contact
  • Perfect your elevator pitch
  • Send a cold e-mail that gets a response
  • Make the most of online networking functions

No matter how tough networking is for you, the Perfect Phrases format makes it simple for you to start building connections today.

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