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Persistence in PHP with Doctrine ORM


This book is designed for PHP developers and architects who want to modernize their skills through better understanding of Persistence and ORM. You'll learn through explanations and code samples, all tied to the full development of a web application.


  • Develop a fully functional Doctrine-backed web application
  • Demonstrate aspects of Doctrine using code samples
  • Generate a database schema from your PHP classes

In Detail

Doctrine 2 has become the most popular modern persistence system for PHP. It can either be used as a standalone system or can be distributed with Symfony 2, and it also integrates very well with popular frameworks. It allows you to easily retrieve PHP object graphs, provides a powerful object-oriented query language called DQL, a database schema generator tool, and supports database migration. It is efficient, abstracts popular DBMS, and supports PHP 5.3 features.

Doctrine is a must-have for modern PHP applications.

Persistence in PHP with the Doctrine ORM is a practical, hands-on guide that describes the full creation process of a web application powered by Doctrine. Core features of the ORM are explained in depth and illustrated by useful, explicit, and reusable code samples.

Persistence in PHP with the Doctrine ORM explains everything you need to know to get started with Doctrine in a clear and detailed manner.

From installing the ORM through Composer to mastering advanced features such as native queries, this book is a full overview of the power of Doctrine. You will also learn a bunch of mapping annotations, create associations, and generate database schemas from PHP classes. You will also see how to write data fixtures, create custom entity repositories, and issue advanced DQL queries. Finally it will teach you to play with inheritance, write native queries, and use built-in lifecycle events. If you want to use a powerful persistence system for your PHP application, Persistence in PHP with the Doctrine ORM is the book you.

What you will learn from this book

  • Install Doctrine through the Composer dependency manager
  • Configure Doctrine Command Line Tools
  • Learn to manage relations between entities with different association types
  • Create data fixtures, a custom entity repository, and native SQL queries
  • Master the query builder to generate DQL queries
  • Get started with inheritance and lifecycle events


Persistence in PHP with the Doctrine ORM is a concise, fast, and focused guide to build a blog engine with advanced features such as native queries and lifecycle callbacks.

Who this book is written for

This book is primarily intended for PHP developers and architects who want to increase their skills in the field of Persistence and ORM to map the data they are working on to objects they are using in programming. Basic knowledge of databases and PDO and working knowledge of PHP namespaces is a prerequisite.

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