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PHP Application Development with NetBeans: Beginner's Guide

Productivity is an important factor for a software developer. A good development environment or surrounding tools with the essence of a particular programming flavor can boost up our coding productivity and yield a quality and optimized software product. In order to maintain a fast-paced development, developers seek the environment with which they feel at home. Such an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) can really accelerate code implementation and be the magic wand to your project development.

NetBeans has many features that greatly simplify PHP development, and with its several features and great flexibility, PHP developers can become overwhelmed by the IDE's options. This book provides step-by-step instructions that show you how to take control of the environment and make use of these features to make your PHP application development more efficient and productive than ever before.

"PHP Application Development with NetBeans: Beginner's Guide" leads you through the crucial parts of PHP programming and shows you how to use the features of NetBeans that will improve your PHP development experience through clear and easy instructions.

The book gets you started with the development environment and tools, and takes you through working on practical projects with a clear focus. With each chapter being mission-critical, the book is a perfect companion to boost your PHP coding productivity and gain experience with even complex projects.

The book starts with setting up the PHP development environment and introduces exciting and useful IDE features. You'll learn how to build complex PHP projects such as online marketplace applications and even friend locator Google Maps applications. You'll have fun working with Zend framework application development and you are also introduced to some very useful NetBeans plugins.

Working with the NetBeans IDE for PHP development has its own advantages, and this book reassures the purpose. This book is full of illustrations, screenshots, and clear instructions to take your PHP development to a new level and even shows you time-saving tricks and other productivity enhancements.

What you will learn from this book

  • Develop PHP applications by leveraging NetBeans functionality
  • Set up your PHP development environment on various platforms, keeping intact the best features of the IDE
  • Learn PHP development in a fun and easy way with impressive real life PHP applications
  • Develop your applications faster through smart planning
  • Debug and test your PHP projects with clear instructions and easy tips
  • Document your source codes with zero effort using NetBeans
  • Enhance the power of PHP development with version controlling tool, Git
  • Acquire sharp usage of NetBeans and apply in fast paced development environments through mission-critical chapters


A Beginner's Guide

Who this book is written for

The book is aimed at PHP developers who wish to develop PHP applications while taking advantage of NetBeans functionality to ease their software development efforts and utilize the powerful features of the IDE. Familiarity with NetBeans is not assumed. However, a little familiarity with PHP development is expected.

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