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PIC Robotics: A Beginner's Guide to Robotics Projects Using the PIC Micro

Complete, do-it-yourself robotics projects!


* Artificial vision system that uses a CCD camera to track and follow brightly colored objects
* Bi-pedal robots that walk upright
* Functional robotic arm
* Easily programmed behavior-based robots
* Complete parts lists for all projects
* Step-by-step directions for several complete projects -- inspiration for hundreds more


Dramatic improvements in technologies and significant cost reductions in 8-bit microprocessors have spawned a renaissance in robot building. PIC Robotics,

from popular electronics author John Iovine, shows amateur (and professional) electronics enthusiasts how to get in on the fun, using the power of Microchip's versatile 8-bit PIC microprocessor family to build sophisticated robots more cheaply and easily than you thought possible.

With PIC Robotics, you can build robots that:

* Use a CCD camera to capture and follow a visual target
* Walk on two legs (bi-pedal walker)
* Walk on six legs (hexapodal walker)
* Obey verbal commands (speech recognition)
* Look for and track bright light sources
* And do it inexpensively!

About the Author
John Iovine is the author of several popular TAB titles that explore the frontiers of scientific research. He wrote the cult classic Robots, Androids, and Animatrons, as well as Homemade Holograms: The Complete Guide to Inexpensive, Do-It-Yourself Holography; Kirlian Photography: A Hands-On Guide; Fantastic Electronics: Build Your Own Negative-Ion Generator and Other Projects; and A Step into Virtual Reality.
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