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Podcasting: Do It Yourself Guide

It's your show, and you can do what you want

Got something to tell the world? Want unlimited listening options? Podcasting makes it happen. It's the hottest communication trend of the twenty-first century, and one of the first guys to jump on board is ready to get you started. Todd helps you choose software, subscribe to the best podcasts, produce one with equipment you already have, record and distribute your shows—even explore the geeky stuff. Whether you're producing a podcast or listening to one, podcasting puts you in charge.

You're on the air

Everything you need to know about:

  1. Picking a podcatcher
  2. Finding podcasts to subscribe to
  3. Developing your show
  4. Producing a show with gear you already own
  5. Recording your podcast
  6. Selecting a provider
  7. Publishing and distributing
  8. Setting up a studio
  9. Paying the bills
  10. Syndicating with RSS 2.0 and enclosures
About the Author
Todd Cochrane describes himself as "a typical geek with a little rebel in me"—the perfect podcaster profile. His weblog at www.geeknewscentral.com gets more than 250,000 visitors each week, and he began podcasting in October of 2004. Todd has a regular job, four kids, and a growing audience for his podcasts, which are so popular they've been noticed by Fortune 500 companies.
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Discrete-Signal Analysis and Design
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Fuel Cell Research Trends
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