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Polypharmacy in Psychiatry (Medical Psychiatry Series)


This practical reference examines the advantages and disadvantages of polypharmacy in psychiatry, and provides up-to-date clinical guidelines on the appropriate use of combinations of pharmacological therapy in major psychiatric disorders-including multidisciplinary approaches to treatment, such as social work and psychopharmacology, and an examination of the psychotherapeutic and historical aspects of polypharmacy.

Consolidates all available and current material on polypharmacy and psychiatry into one comprehensive volume.

Polypharmacy in Psychiatry discusses therapy of

  • schizophrenia and the use of atypical antipsychotic agents
  • anxiety disorders
  • post-traumatic stress disorder and the roles of serotonin, opioids, and glutamate
  • bipolar disorder and the use of novel anticonvulsants
  • clinical depression and the use of thyroid hormone and lithium augmentation, serotonin reuptake inhibitors, and neuroleptic agents
  • psychiatric disorders in children, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, tic disorders, mood and anxiety disorders, and conduct disorders
  • the medically ill psychiatric patient
  • the elderly
    Polypharmacy in Psychiatry also discusses
  • the use of alternative and herbal medications
  • psychosocial aspects of polypharmacy
  • the psychology of polypharmacy
  • cultural components of polypharmacy
  • historical background
    Featuring more than 700 works cited, this invaluable reference is essential reading for psychiatrists; psychopharmacologists; behavioral neurologists; psychiatric nurse practitioners; social workers; clinical psychologists and other psychotherapists; and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.
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