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PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts

The most advanced, feature-rich SQL database server available, the open-source PostgreSQL system has rapidly become a key Internet technology. PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts, written by a founding member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Team, provides a much-needed tutorial and real-world guide to understanding and working with this complex yet essential system.

Assuming no previous knowledge of database systems, the book establishes a firm foundation of basic concepts and commands before turning to PostgreSQL's more advanced and innovative capabilities. It leads you step-by-step from your first database query through the complex queries needed to solve real-world database problems. The author not only presents proper query syntax, he goes beyond the mechanics to explore the value and use of these commands in working database applications.

You will read about such important topics as:

  • Basic SQL commands for manipulating and updating a database
  • Customizing queries
  • SQL aggregates
  • Joining tables
  • Combining SELECTs and subqueries
  • Transactions
  • Performance
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Database query tools, including PSQL and PGACCESS
  • PostgreSQL interfaces to C, C++, ODBC, JDBC, Perl, TCL/TK, and more
  • Server-side programming and multi-user control
  • Extending PostgreSQL with C
  • PostgreSQL administration, including backups, troubleshooting, and access configuration
  • Features unique to PostgreSQL

Throughout, the author highlights common pitfalls, offers tips to save you time and trouble, and provides many examples--all garnered from his extensive experience and inside knowledge. In addition, this resource-rich guide provides a copy of the official PostgreSQL reference manual. A companion web site, www.postgresql.org/docs/awbook.html, will contain updates, corrections, and links to other material.

About the Author

Bruce Momjian is a founding member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Team. He is currently a senior consultant with Wilson Technology Associates in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, designing and developing relational database applications for some of the largest law firms nationwide.

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