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Pro Couchbase Server

Pro Couchbase Server, 9781430266136 (1430266139), Apress, 2014

Pro Couchbase Server is a hands-on guide for developers and administrators who want to take advantage of the power and scalability of Couchbase Server in their applications. This book takes you from the basics of NoSQL database design, through application development, to Couchbase Server administration. Never have document databases been so powerful and performant. 

The NoSQL movement has fundamentally changed the database world in recent years. Influenced by the growing needs of web-scale applications, NoSQL databases such as Couchbase Server provide new approaches to scalability, reliability, and performance. With the power and flexibility of Couchbase Server, you can model your data however you want, and easily change the data model any time you want. Pro Couchbase Server shows what is possible and helps you take full advantage of Couchbase Server and all the performance and scalability that it offers. 
  • Helps you design and develop a document database using Couchbase Server.
  • Takes you through deploying and maintaining Couchbase Server.
  • Gives you the tools to scale out your application as needed.

What you’ll learn

  • Install and configure Couchbase Server.
  • Design a good data model for your application.
  • Deploy advanced query techniques in your application.
  • Integrate Elastic Search for full-text access to your data.
  • Manage Couchbase Server in a production environment.
  • Scale your application as needed.

Who this book is for

Pro Couchbase Server is a comprehensive guide for developers looking to build scalable, high-performance application solutions. Written from hands-on experience, the book also provides detailed information for administrators on deploying, maintaining, and scaling out of Couchbase Server. Whether you want to build an application from scratch or migrate an existing application to a document database, Pro Couchbase Server has your back with solid guidance written from experienced practioners who have experienced repeated success in deploying Couchbase Server in production environments.

Table of Contents


Part I: Getting Started

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Couchbase Server

Chapter 2: Designing Document-Oriented Databases With Couchbase

Part II: Development

Chapter 3: The Couchbase Client Libraries

Chapter 4: CRUD and Key-based Operations

Chapter 5: Working with Views

Chapter 6: The N1QL Query Language

Chapter 7: Advanced Couchbase Techniques

Chapter 8: ElasticSearch Integration

Part III: Couchbase at Scale

Chapter 9. Sizing and Deployment Considerations.

Chapter 10: Basic Administration

Chapter 11: Monitoring and Failover

Chapter 12: Couchbase Server in the Cloud

Chapter 13: Cross Datacenter Replication (XDCR)

Part IV: Mobile Development with Couchbase

Chapter 14: Couchbase Lite on Android

Chapter 15: Couchbase Lite on iOS

Chapter 16: Synchronizing data with the Couchbase Sync Gateway

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