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Pro Excel 2007 VBA

Pro Excel 2007 VBA, 9781590599570 (1590599578), Apress, 2008
Did you ever wonder whether there is more to Excel than data displayed in rows and columns or pretty charts? If you want to learn how to bring data into your Excel 2007 projects, or learn to work with XML, or see how object-oriented programming can be used in Excel 2007, this book will provide you with that information.

I wrote this book because I’ve always enjoyed writing applications in Excel when it is the required solution. Excel is often overlooked in coding situations, but as you’ll see in the pages of this book, it has many, many possibilities, and it is relatively easy to learn. Excel 2007 has expanded XML support. XML data is easily brought into and out of an Excel project so your client spreadsheet data can be shared. Excel UserForms give you the ability to create simple user interfaces for your clients and allow you to create easy-to-use data collection tools. Excel charting and PivotTables have always been a strong suit for data summary, and in Excel 2007, PivotTables are greatly enhanced.

This book also addresses object-oriented programming to a great degree. Just because you’re not writing a .NET or even a classic Visual Basic application, there’s no reason you can’t use object-oriented coding techniques in your projects. It provides you with the same advantages in Excel that you get in the full-fledged programming languages: ease of reuse, easier code maintenance, encapsulation, and more.

You will find sample files and code solutions in the Source Code/Download section of the Apress web site, at www.apress.com.
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