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Pro HTML5 Performance (Professional Apress)


This book deals with creating high-performance web sites. Its focus is large and high-volume sites. We met while working for a company whose web site has upwards of 50,000 pages and gets more than 80,000,000 visitors a month (many more during the holiday shopping season). The advice the book gives, however, applies equally to smaller sites, sites that don’t get nearly as much traffic. Regardless of the site’s complexity or traffic load, everyone wants good performance, after all.

Pro HTML5 Performance provides a practical guide to building extremely fast, light-weight and scalable websites using fully standards compliant techniques and best practices. It strikes a balance between imparting best-practice information for when you’re building ground up and instantly applicable techniques to help you solve issues with your existing projects.

In addition to a wealth of tips, tricks and secrets you’ll find advice and code samples that elegantly layout the problems your facing and the best ways of solving them. By reading Pro HTML5 Performance you’ll squeeze every last ounch of performance from your code, giving your applications unrivalled speed and cost-efficiency.

What you’ll learn

  • Optimize your HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript for client-side performance
  • Reduce your code's bandwidth to achieve both speed and cost savings
  • Learn to target multiple devices from the same page
  • See how your HTML5 content can gracefully degrade to older browsers
  • Create advanced applications, such as animations, with a light footprint
  • Make HTML5's semantic markup work for you

Who this book is for

This book is ideal for front-end programmers who know the basics but who want to master the techniques for creating high-performance web sites. It is equally applicable to people who want to architect big sites ‘right first time’ or those that want to apply some of the concepts to their existing site to make it run a bit faster or same them a little money. Whether you go 'all out' and use everything or just apply some concepts to your existing sites is up to you.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started               
  2. Overview                  
  3. Performance Guidelines                  
  4. Single Code Base                  
  5. Responsive Design            
  6. Boilerplate
  7. Navigation       
  8. Masthead                    
  9. Footer
  10. Using Components                                    
  11. Insets                                   
  12. Buttons                                    
  13. Article/Product Stack/Teasers                                   
  14. Tables                                   
  15. Tabs                                   
  16. Carousel                 
  17. Input Types Section IV: Mobile                  
  18. Frameworks
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