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Pro JavaFX 8: A Definitive Guide to Building Desktop, Mobile, and Embedded Java Clients


In Pro JavaFX 8 expert authors show you how to use the JavaFX platform to create rich-client Java applications. You'll discover how you can use this powerful Java-based UI platform, which is capable of handling large-scale data-driven business applications for PC as well as now mobile and embedded devices.

Covering the JavaFX API, development tools, and best practices, this book provides code examples that explore the exciting new features provided with JavaFX 8 which comes as part of Oracle's new Java (SE) 8 release. This book also contains engaging tutorials that cover virtually every facet of JavaFX development and reference materials on JavaFX that augment the JavaFX API documentation.

After reading and using this book, you'll have the authoritative knowledge that should give you an edge in your next JavaFX-based application projects for your job or your clients.

What you’ll learn

  • How to get started with JavaFX, including downloading the SDK and available tools
  • How to express user interfaces with SceneBuilder and FXML
  • How to use property binding to keep the UI easily in sync with the model
  • How to use the rich set of JavaFX UI controls, charts, shapes, effects, transformations, and animations to create stunning, responsive, user interfaces
  • How to use the powerful JavaFX layout classes to define the user interface in a cross-platform fashion
  • How to leverage the observable collection classes to observe changes in, and bind to, Java collections
  • How to use the JavaFX media classes to play audio and video
  • How to interact with external application services to create an enterprise application with JavaFX
  • How to use the JavaFX API with alternative languages such as Scala and Groovy
  • How to use Java on embedded, mobile, and tablet devices

Who this book is for

Application developers, graphic designers, and IT decision makers. Not only does this book contain comprehensive technical information for developers and designers, it builds a compelling case for choosing JavaFX.

Table of Contents

1. Getting a Jump Start in JavaFX 8

2. Creating a User Interface in JavaFX 8

3. Using SceneBuilder to create a User Interface

4. Properties and Bindings

5. Building Dynamic UI Layouts in JavaFX

6. Using the JavaFX UI Controls

7.Collections and Concurrency

8. Creating Charts in JavaFX

9. Using the media classes

10. JavaFX 3D

11. Accessing Web Services

12. Java on Embedded, Mobile and Tablet

13. JavaFX languages and markup

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